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Update day: March 26, 2013

Way of thinking of site

About the way of contents

Consideration to usability

  1. We try for improvement of so-called usability that makes it easy to grasp structure and usage of site as well as easiness of search for of information, and considered general usability.
    We establish search by keyword window in all in main page while we classify from viewpoint of side using wide administrative information clearly and consider use-style to access objective page quickly and appropriately by preparing correspondence that we put together.
  2. We consider to raise flexibility on using by posting high-ranking index link indicating hierarchy of page or link (so-called global navigation) to main block in site on header part of main pages now judging from the whole site.
  3. We keep in mind for making of homepage in consideration for accessibility without people as many as possible seeming to be able to have you use this site fairly, and depending on sight.
  • We consider not to become hard to use contents by environmental difference to use including resolution such as kind of connection line and terminal and kind of performance, the OS and browser and version, monitor.
  • We consider not to become hard to use contents by operation devices such as perception method and mouse or keyboards such as sight or hearing, characteristic of person using including knowledge and experience for the Internet.

About management, administration

Direct management by post in charge

We aim at high reporting and service of satisfaction while post in charge of duties sending applicable contents directly, and planning smooth communication about inquiries in E-mail and coping directly on the telephone.

Quick update management

Because each department assumes management and system which they can update directly, we serve for timely, smooth site administration.

About link to this site

As a general rule, you can link to this site freely.
But method of contents and link of former site declines link when it is judged which "it is against public order and morals" saying "we let you damage third party and this city or lose trust".
In addition, rink, please for top page of this site. Please note that the address (URL) is changed in the case of update about page of individual information.

About link from this site

As a general rule, it is a custom for need and site webmaster to limit to thing which admitted in associated group and the investment group, country, associated group of Nasu-Shiobara-shi of countries, other local public entity and associated group, university, examination research organization, thing, others high of publicity such as public interest corporations, character, constitution of page particularly.


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