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Update day: March 21, 2012

Privacy Policy

Nasu-Shiobara-shi tries to be available in peace in deference to your privacy that our homepage is read. About collection, the use, management of personal information, we perform the appropriate handling based on "Nasu-Shiobara-shi ordinance of privacy protection" as follows.

With personal information

Personal information means thing which authorized individuals of address, full name, phone number, e-mail address are distinguished or can be distinguished. But thing to raise next is excluded.

  • Corporation or other groups (we remove country and local public entity. We say "corporations" as follows.) Information about officers such as the corporations included in information to relate to this concerned
  • Information about the business of individual running business concerned

About collection of personal information

You can use normal contents of this site without revealing personal information distinguishing birth and parentage of user.
In analysis such as access log recorded on the server, we investigate use trend as the entirety for better administration of site, but may not pay our attention to specific ID.
But we ask for entry of full name, address, e-mail address to meet document handling requirements in convenience and this city of reply in administration of contribution form page having opinion.

About use of personal information

Among personal information that had you provide, you use for realization of better municipal goverment and service improvement of Web site about contents of opinion and inquiry, and please let me use only for certification identification for reply and confirmation about contents of full name, address.
Other than these purposes, we do not use at all.

About preservation of personal information

By personal information that had you provide, we may not perform offer to the agency outside and the use in agency across objective range of the office work. When we get consent of the person who had you provide or personal information may not be shared to others other than case called for by law.
We discard immediately, and personal information that was not necessary removes.

Security and link

We try for safe management administration of site and it is physical and, for prevention of access and personal data leak without authority, takes electronically appropriate means.
In addition, links from this site to other Web sites are intended to just provide facility for user and do not guarantee privacy policy and accessibility of linked site.


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