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Update day: August 3, 2018

Nasu-Shiobara-shi mail delivery service Miru Mail

miruhiino image"Nasu-Shiobara-shi mail delivery service Miru Mail" is mail delivery service to tell your cell-phone and PC about urgent information such as crime prevention, disaster prevention information and local information such as living information using E-mail. We support everyday living of registered all of you and family by email. Registration is free (packet communication fee becomes registrant burden). Please use!

I would like registration now in different e-mail address as phenomenon that we cannot receive though we deliver Miru Mail from this city is confirmed in some e-mail addresses (@icloud .com, @mac .com, @me .com).

Terms of Use

At the time of service use registration, we tell about Terms of Use of privacy policy that we collected.

Because we do not lose trust with all of you who offered personal information on the faith of this registration site, there is in the handling of personal information of users in conformity with these Terms of Use with extreme caution under any circumstance.

Please register yourself after reading the Terms of Use.

Information to deliver

Optional information (we can plurally select. We can set district every information.)

Weather earthquake volcano information: Earthquake information, volcano information (Nasudake), warning, alarm (heavy rain, flood)

Information about Nasu-Shiobara-shi

Basic information

  • Event information (information of various events)
  • News (news not to correspond to other items) from city
  • Others

Disaster prevention

  • Fire information (information of fire that performed fire fighting that occurred in the city)
  • Photochemical smog information (we transfer Tochigi disaster prevention email.)
  • Landslide disaster information (information about caution such as landslide disaster, mountainous district disaster (landslide, mud flood, landslide, evacuation advisory, evacuation order to caution area of landslide))
  • Disaster information (information about disaster occurrence)
  • Information (information about measures against radioactivity) of measures against radioactivity head office
  • Others

Crime prevention, case accident

  • Local safe information (we transfer email of Tochigi Prefectural Police area security information email (Nasushiobara police station).)
  • Others

Life, garbage information

  • Garbage A district information (we deliver division, how to put out garbage to collect on the next day the day before at 5:00 p.m.)
  • Garbage B district information (we deliver division, how to put out garbage to collect on the next day the day before at 5:00 p.m.)
  • Others

Other information

  • Public auction information (information about Internet auction of seized property of city and information about public auction of municipal ownership property)
  • Auction information (going to bid information about results)
  • Others

About fire information

  • We will deliver the information about only fire that needs firefighting (dry frass fire, forest and fields fire, building fire) and not about all fire.
  • We will tell about the scene in section name of town, village or the administrative section name to avoid on-site confusion.
  • Fire information terefonsabisu ... telephone 0287-22-0119

Registration method

Pay attention to the fact that there are two homepages (URL): one for PC and another for cellphone. In addition, e-mail address of cell-phone can register from PC, too.

QR code for cell-phone registration

QR code is registered trademark of DENSO Corporation wave.

About QR code support model of cell-phone, we can access by reading QR code of left-hand figure.

Operation procedure

Operation procedure QR codeAbout QR code support model of cell-phone, we can access by reading QR code of the right figure.

in the case that you use an e-mail filter

In the case that you use an e-mail filter (to reject unsolicited e-mail), register youself after you remove the restriction of receiving e-mail from "" so that you can receive "Nasu-Shiobara-shi mail deivery service Miru Mail" In addition, about cancellation method of reception restrictions (unwanted e-mail prevention function) setting, please see instruction manuals of your cell-phone every mobile phone carrier as methods are different.

Reading of past delivery information (back number)

We can read past delivery information (back number) with PC or cell-phone.

Back number QR codeAbout QR code support model of cell-phone, we can access by reading QR code of the right figure.

Protection of e-mail address

We use registered e-mail address only for delivery of "Nasu-Shiobara-shi mail delivery service Miru Mail" and do not use for other purposes. In addition, e-mail addresses protect information by SSL (coding) communication.


  • Even if user sets registration information, information that judged that city should tell all the users delivers to all the users.
  • If email to registered e-mail address becomes undelivered three times, e-mail address is deleted automatically.


Position section room: Planning city promotion section 

Phone number 0287-62-7128

Fax number: 0287-62-7220

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