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Update day: June 18, 2015

Nasudake volcano disaster prevention map handbook

In Nasudake (Mt. Chausu), eruption does not happen in small scale of 1963 (Showa 38) last, and calm state continues now. However, Nasudake is active volcano, and Coordinating Committee for Prediction of Volcanic Eruption of the Meteorological Agency chooses in volcano needing improvement of monitoring, observation system for volcano disaster prevention.

Volcanic eruption is natural phenomenon causing big disaster, but various harbinger phenomena are caused before eruption, too. Therefore, it is possible enough to put up various measure before big disaster occurs. Inhabitants deepens understanding about Nasudake, and it is to be able to act calmly in the case of emergency to be important.

This disaster prevention map and handbook introduce characteristic of volcanic activity of Nasudake, and danger of eruption shows expected range. We have many people know Nasudake and volcanic activity and make for the purpose of making use for disaster prevention.

Eruption caution level of Nasudake

With eruption caution level, we divided range that was dangerous to at the time of eruption and necessary disaster prevention correspondence into five phases from level 1 to level 5. Nasudake starts operation from March, 2009.

In each level, we set keyword to know disaster prevention action that neighboring inhabitants, tourists, mountaineers of volcano should take at first sight. In addition, disaster prevention correspondence depending on eruption caution level is necessary.

  • Level 1 notes that it is active volcano
  • Level 2 is around crater regulation
  • We climb a mountain, and level 3 regulates
  • We evacuate, and level 4 is prepared for
  • Level 5 shelters

Nasudake of eruption caution level tell in eruption alarm which stage is in. Eruption alarm level of current Nasudake is "1".

About eruption caution level and regulation range of Nasudake, please see "eruption caution level of Nasudake" below in detail.

In addition, about damage assumption at the time of eruption, please see lower "Nasudake volcano disaster prevention map" in detail.

Nasudake volcano disaster prevention handbook

We made Nasudake volcano disaster prevention handbook to have inhabitants deepen understanding of Nasudake which was active volcano. Other than introduction of Nasudake, contents of "Nasudake eruption caution level" and "disaster prevention map" which we explained some time ago are listed.

Specifically, please see lower "Nasudake volcano disaster prevention handbook".

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