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Update day: May 30, 2018

E-bidding and auction information service


Because support of Windows Vista was finished on April 11, 2017, we revised next client setting anyuaru.

E-bidding and auction information service support Windows10 from July 1, 2016.

You can use even PC of Windows10 in future. For more details, please refer to "necessary environment at the time of use of e-bidding system" of client setting manual.


About system change

E-bidding system and auction information service are changed from October 1, 2014.

Connection URL changes with change, and setting of system is necessary.

In addition, about leader IC card having you use now and IC card, you can just use, but it is necessary to have you register with new system some other time.

To order people who used old e-bidding system

Setting that is necessary in order people who used old e-bidding system and user registration are just what of the next shift manual. You can use new e-bidding system if you can perform this setting.

Please contact the following Help Desk if you have any questions about operation method.

About setting of client terminal

In order person using Nasu-Shiobara-shi e-bidding system newly, please perform setting of client terminal and user registration by the next manual. In addition, in order person using e-bidding system in Windows10, please perform environmental setting necessary to use Windows10 by client setting manual. (it is not necessary to perform user registration newly.)

Operation manual

It is manual of Nasu-Shiobara-shi e-bidding system and auction information service.

Construction that is targeted for e-bidding

(1) Target construction


Engineering works complete set construction, building complete set construction, electric construction, tubing, paving work, water supply facility construction, dismantling construction

Design cost

More than 1,300,000 yen

Construction that construction bid participation qualified person examination committee admits that thing by subsequent examination type conditioning public competitive bidding is suitable other than the above

(2) Target duties

Consulting service (surveying, building consultant, engineering works consultant, geological survey, compensation consultant) more than design cost 500,000 yen

The use of e-bidding system is this

The use of e-bidding system

(note) user registration and e-bidding of e-bidding are available by e-bidding system.

From 8:30 a.m. in operational time for e-bidding system on weekdays to 8:00 p.m.

E-bidding system (open with new window) (link to outside site)

The use of auction information service is this

The use of auction information service

(note) downloading of ordering book or reading (e-bidding item) of auction result are available by auction information service.

Operational time for auction information service 24 hours 365 days

About auction result, we are announcing now in the next page of city website. As you are not doing publication by auction information service, please note.

Help Desk

Common question and answer

Reference: Nasu-Shiobara-shi e-bidding system Help Desk

Phone number 0570-05-0002 (from 9:00 a.m. on weekdays to noon and afternoon from 1:00 to 6:00)

Facsimile: 0570-009-006


(note) please read "common question and answer" before inquiry.

(note) please contact each Certificate Authority for contents about IC card.

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When you see file of Portable Document Format, Adobe Reader is necessary. Please download one that does not have Adobe Reader free from link of banner.


Position section room: General affairs department contract inspection section contract person in charge

Phone number 0287-62-7114

Fax number: 0287-62-7184

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