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Update day: May 18, 2018

Construction by-product

Construction by-product means construction outbreak soil provided with construction subsidiarily and construction waste.

  • Construction outbreak soil…We say the earth and sand provided with construction subsidiarily.
  • Construction waste…Among construction by-products, thing corresponding to waste (asphalt concrete lump, concrete - to lump, construction sludge, construction outbreak wood, construction mixture waste) to prescribe for method of waste disposal is called.

We push forward recycling in the whole country and, about these construction by-products, perform approach for the formation of recycling society.

We perform fact-finding of construction by-product for city ordering construction that approach of country and prefecture lets you look good in this city and grasps the recycling situation of construction by-product, and to aim at promotion of further recycling.

Target construction

By construction that city placed an order for, the last construction contract amount of money is all construction more than 1 million yen regardless of big things and small things of quantity of use of construction material and big things and small things of presence, construction by-product generating quantity, export quantity and presence.


Person of order makes use of reproduction resources plan hanging over construction and reproduction resources utilization promotion plan about construction that city placed an order for, and you include in construction plan, and please submit for each one copy. In addition, you use "COBRIS construction by-product information exchange system" about state of implementation of the plan mentioned above after the construction completion together immediately when you make use of reproduction resources conduct book and reproduction resources utilization promotion conduct book, and online, please register data.

In addition, please refer to homepage of general Nihon Kensetsu information synthesis center construction by-product information center for "COBRIS construction by-product information exchange system".

"CREDAS input system" was abolished on March 31, 2018.


Position section room: General affairs department contract inspection section searcher

Phone number 0287-62-7115

Fax number: 0287-62-7184

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