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Update day: August 15, 2018

Method of inspection

In this city, "examination of Nasu-Shiobara-shi construction summary" inspects city ordering construction based on "the examination of Nasu-Shiobara-shi construction point". Inspection item includes "practical inspection" and two of "examination for documents".

  • Construction object is made according to specifications under construction department in charge, contractor, the tripartite call of contract inspection section definitely, or we are satisfied, or we are found, or amount confirms quality how about workmanship, and "examination of practice" judges the propriety.
  • Examiner confirms contents such as contract dossier, construction plan, kojidago*, construction management documents or construction photograph prior to practical inspection, and "examination for documents" performs confirmation such as process or test result of construction. We perform documents and collation with the field at the time of examination of practice afterwards.

In addition, we perform results rating based on "the Nasu-Shiobara-shi construction results rating point" about construction more than 1,300,000 yen to plan securing of quality of public construction. About results rating result, we announce based on "the notice of Nasu-Shiobara-shi construction results rating result publication conduct point". Publication method assumes reading at window.

The completion study implementation situation

 Examination of city street former hot water line road disaster restoration construction completion          


Examination of kuroiso athletic ground baseball field completion

Flow of inspection

We explain flow of office work from construction ordering to inspection.

  1. Construction specifications making construction department in charge
  2. Construction specifications checking construction department in charge
  3. Design examination contract inspection section
    It is to check specifications when we place an order for public construction. That there is not technical problem is economical design, or can you find security of construction whether contents to check can achieve start of work purpose? In this city, design cost examines targeting at designs more than 10 million yen.
  4. Start of work inquiry construction department in charge
  5. Bid office work contract office work, contract inspection section
  6. Construction start contractor
  7. Intermediate inspection contract inspection section, construction department in charge
    Inspection to carry out in the middle of construction. When confirmation becomes difficult by examination of completion, it is performed. Delivery and payment of the contract price are not accompanied.
  8. Inspection to carry out in the middle of examination for result form contract inspection section, construction department in charge construction. We let you be similar for volume suitability and perform a part of the contract price when it is necessary to get rid of part.
  9. Construction completion contractor
  10. From inspection request construction department in charge to contract inspection section
  11. Completion inspection contract inspection section, construction department in charge, contractor call
    Inspection to confirm completion of construction. Delivery of construction object is accompanied, and there is payment of the contract price.
  12. Alteration contractor (when particularly necessary)
  13. Completion inspection (again) contract inspection section, construction department in charge, contractor call (alteration when we meet)
  14. Delivery
  15. Payment

Inspection summary     

Excellent constructor commendation

It commends constructor who let it is excellent result, and construction more than contract price 1,300,000 yen that degree, city ordered complete every year for this city for securing of adequacy of technical improvement and construction construction of constructor.

We examine person recognized as excellent constructor in commendation screening committee, and decision of commendation selects, and the mayor is decided based on the result.

Commendation screening committee member


Deputy mayor

Committee Member

The manager of Planning, the manager of General Affairs Department, living environment manager, health welfare manager, Manager child Mirai, industrial tourism manager, Manager construction, Manager water and sewage, Manager education

2018 commendation ceremony

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