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Update day: May 10, 2017

About nomination choice policy

Basic matter

Common matter

This policy applies about (we say "the nomination choice" as follows.) such as setting of participation qualification requirements of construction, business consignment, the nomination choice of bid participation qualified person of article or other (we say "construction" as follows.) and conditioning public competitive bidding.

Point out serious consideration of contract observance of a contract ability and securing of competitiveness

We make much of ability for appropriate observance of a contract of company and shall try for securing of fair competition.

About securing of equitableness

In the nomination choice, we note the fair handling of qualified person.

About equalization of ordering time

In ordering such as construction, we try for premeditated ordering early stage and shall plan equalization of ordering. In addition, we set debt load act and continuing expenditure as needed and shall consider setting for appropriate term of works (delivery date) so that person of order copes enough.

About promotion of separation division ordering

Of engineer of number limited about separation division ordering other than point of view of expansion of order opportunity consider effectively utilizing, and is appropriate; shall set.

Great binding of building works about becoming

In consideration for distance or other circumstances of construction place, we shall make large binding by construction unification about building works judged to be available for collective ordering.

About preferential nomination of city head office supplier

In the nomination choice, we give priority to city supplier basically. But nomination shall be able to choose suburbs supplier when nomination supplier selection meeting or bid participant qualification examination committee admits with equivalency when it is to thing having specialty or specialty.


About koshu rating

As a general rule, about construction 7 mechanic class (one set of engineering work, building one set, electricity, pipe, pavement, water supply facility, dismantling), we carry out by subsequent examination type conditioning public competition.


Specifically, please see the next corresponding file (policies such as the person of contracting business nomination choice such as construction).

Corresponding file

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