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Update day: April 18, 2016

Knowledge, instructions that we deal with bid book presentation

About conditioning public competitive bidding

As a general rule, about rated competitive bidding of 7 mechanic class (engineering works complete set construction, building complete set construction, electric construction, tubing, paving work, water supply facility construction, dismantling construction), we carry out by conditioning public competitive bidding. We carry out other construction by designated bidding.

In addition, bid book presentation method of conditioning public competitive bidding uses all e-bidding system. We offer design book of competitive bidding to carry out by e-bidding system for reading by auction information service.

About designated bidding

Construction-related consulting service

About business consignment of construction-related consulting service (surveying, building consultant, engineering works consultant, geological survey, compensation-related consultant), we carry out in designated bidding, but, as a general rule, presentation method of bid book uses e-bidding system.

The purchase of article and other labor offers

Except construction and construction-related consulting service, we carry out in designated bidding. Presentation method of bid book assumes method to submit to by bringing after having appointed the when and where on day.

About free contract (we let you estimate)

In Nasu-Shiobara-shi, we may have you submit written estimate by method that followed procedure of designated bidding in free contract (lets you estimate).

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