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Update day: January 25, 2016

Bid way of writing type

The application title of a book

Bid book


Style to submit to bid performer at the time of bid of designated bidding

Presentation method

We bring on the appointed date and time


Place that was appointed

Nota bene

Bid to correspond to one of next kakugo becomes invalid.

  1. Bid that person without bid participation qualification performed
  2. Bid (exempted case is excluded.) that person who did not pay bid deposit or short person performed
  3. Bid that we performed more than 2 for the same matter or bids that we declared our intentions of more than 2
  4. Bid without signature sealing, bid that corrected amount of money or bid that declaration of intention is indistinct by wrong character omitted characters
  5. Bid that agent who did not submit effective proxy performed
  6. Bids that we acted for or bidder became agent of other bidders about the same bid and performed more than 2 agent
  7. Bid that several people shared
  8. When, on bid, there was false or unjust act.
  9. Bid that violated condition of bid other than thing to raise in zenkakugo

Application style

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