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Update day: July 11, 2016

About mild measures of qualification requirements by the contract estimated amount of subcontracting

In tender notice of conditional open competitive bidding, we may assume "permission of specific construction industry" and "placement of control engineer" qualification requirements, but will tell as we established measures to relax these important matters in the case of uniformity as follows.

Contents of qualification requirements and relaxation to relax

  • Being person having permission of specific construction industry based on construction industry method Article 3.
    →Assume permission of general construction industry replacing with permission of specific construction industry.
  • Being able to post control engineer for this construction based on rule of the construction industry method.
    →Assume placement of chief engineer replacing with placement of control engineer.

Person who can receive mild measures

Subcontractors more than 40 million yen (when we encounter building complete set construction 60 million yen) were people who did not contract with and, about construction item which became successful bid candidate, submitted proposal book (attached sheet) which modified subcontracting on undertaking construction


  1. We receive consent in department in charge of construction item that we report, and it was successful bid candidate after entry with matter necessary for book (attached sheet) affecting subcontracting.
  2. In the case of qualification confirmation submission of documents of subsequent examination, we attach proposal book concerned with subcontractor who received consent of department in charge.


  • These mild measures apply from construction item to notify publicly after July 22, 2015 for the duration.
  • We do not aim for relaxation measures about construction targeted for specific construction joint venture and construction that we exhibited in tender notice as thing having scale to follow this.
  • About construction that received mild measures, we aim for intermediate inspection.


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