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Update day: January 25, 2016

Middle deposit payment system

About middle deposit payment system

Summary of middle deposit payment system

Middle press money means press money to add to press money, and to receive payment. Middle deposit payment systems in Nasu-Shiobara-shi ordering construction are as follows.

  1. Target construction design sum is construction more than 1,300,000 yen
  2. Meeting all requirements to advocate in requirements next.
    • Passing with a half of term of works.
    • Work to affect the construction considered that you should carry out a half before it passes of term of works concerned being performed by progress schedule.
    • Expense to need for work to affect the construction that was already carried out concerned being equivalent to sums more than a half of the amount of contract price.
  3. Combination of middle deposit payment and partial payment
    We do combination if possible. But we cannot demand middle deposit payment when we receive partial payment earlier.
  4. Sum of middle press money
    We assume less than 20% of contract price. But net total of press money and middle press money shall not be beyond 60% of contract prices. In addition, net total of press money and middle press money assumes 300 million yen limit.

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