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Update day: November 15, 2017

Examination type conditioning public competitive bidding notification subsequent on November 1, 2017


We publish design book in auction information exhibition system.

About construction point, we are released by electronic map service replacing with position figure.

(note) search method electronic map service → "We look for from name" → "Text search" → Input construction number; "search"


Tender notice sentences

In the next bid participation application, submit subsequent examination type conditioning public competitive bidding participant application (style first)   

 Bid item

Presentation style (we submit on e-bidding system)

Construction item which is targeted for specific construction joint venture

Management scales of specific construction joint venture construction preliminary screening of prospective bidders application (style first), specific construction joint venture agreement (style second) and each member bring, and, in bid participation application of the next bid item, they submit evaluation result letter of advice, general rating scale value letter of advice (copying) to contract inspection section. Submit subsequent examination type conditioning public competitive bidding participant application (style first) JV use afterwards   

Bid item

Presentation style (we bring and submit to contract inspection section)

 Presentation style (we submit by e-bidding system)

Question answer

Presentation documents relations

At the time of bid

In bid, presentation of multiplication itemized statement is necessary in conjunction with bid book.

When you correspond to any of the following about multiplication itemized statement, please be careful as bid becomes invalid.

  1. Presentation of multiplication itemized statement cries.
  2. When, the construction name of multiplication itemized statement, construction point does not fit construction name of the bid item concerned, construction point.
  3. When bid amount of money does not accord with total amount of money of multiplication itemized statement.
  4. When, about item of multiplication itemized statement, we do not fit item listed in tankabatsu*keisho to advocate next each depending on division such as the next construction.
  • About (thing by public works multiplication standard) such as public works until item of expenditure, koshu and classification
  • About (thing by building multiplication standard) such as building works until item, subject and middle subject
  • To item which followed engineering works building works or building works depending on kind of construction about other construction

After the open bill

Successful bid candidate, please submit the next documents as we raise in tender notice sentence.

Successful bid candidate of item targeted for specific construction joint venture construction, please use the next style.

Nota bene

  1. In bid participation application, submit style first issue.
  2. In bid, submit multiplication itemized statement in conjunction with bid book.
  3. After the open bill, successful bid candidate submit style fifth, style sixth and the style eighth.
  4. Bid participant read common matters to raise next carefully.

The use of e-bidding system

(note) when is admitted that there are special circumstances that are not available to e-bidding systems, bid participation is possible by pocketbook bill method. Please submit by time limit to establish pocketbook bill method participation approval application (style second) by notification.

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Position section room: General affairs department contract inspection section 

Phone number 0287-62-7114

Fax number: 0287-62-7184

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