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Update day: December 27, 2017

Hair dye may cause allergic reaction!

 It is news from Consumer Affairs Agency.  

 It is approached to Consumer Affairs Agency around 200 degrees example of dermatopathy by dyeing every year.

 Most of dermatopathy by dyeing are contact dermatitides, and the direct cause is hair color ring agent. In hair color ring agent oxidation hair dye (hair color, hairdye, hair dye, fashion dyeing) in comparison with other coloring agent ※We have characteristic that it is easy to cause allergic contact dermatitis.

 In addition, it may become allergic while person who has not felt abnormality by dyeing so far performs dyeing continuously. Symptom may gradually get heavy if we reuse when the first allergy symptom is light after having been relieved.

 When we use oxidation hair dye, let's perform self test beforehand. Again. We consult medical institution which stops use because allergic contact dermatitis is possible when we use and feel abnormality such as itch, redness, pain, and let's cope appropriately.

※Some kind of materials contact skin, and allergic contact dermatitis is skin disease that it becomes stimulation and allergic reaction, and rash with itch appears.


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