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Update day: November 1, 2017

About conduct of open call for participants type proposal about open space business (Nishinasuno district) administration business consignment of Nasu-Shiobara-shis gathering

Purpose of 1 business

We maintain environment where there is child care in peace by infants (we say child before attendance at school.) and the parent or protector (we say "child care parent and child" as follows.) fellow establishing interchanging places (we say "open space of gathering" as follows.) mutual casually based on open space business operation summary of Nasu-Shiobara-shis gathering and have this business and carry out for the purpose of planning enhancement of local child care support function.

2 business summary

(1) Business name

Open space business (Nishinasuno district) administration business consignment of Nasu-Shiobara-shis gathering

(2) Business period

A duties run-up

It is March 31, 2018 from the next day of contract day

i business consignment period

It is March 31, 2023 from April 1, 2018

(3) Observance of a contract place (area targeted for business)

The Nasushiobara city

(4) Place

Around Nishi-Nasuno Station

(5) Business outline

For child care parent and child, please perform the following support.

  • Promotion of offer of place of exchange of child care parent and child and interchange
  • Conduct of consultation about child care and support
  • Offer of local child care related information
  • Conduct of class about child care and child care support
  • Business that other mayors recognize as need

In 3 application

In participation open space business administration business (Nishinasuno district) offer essential point (include attachment.of next Nasu-Shiobara-shis gathering Other than conditions that you say "offer essential point" as follows and listed in), please observe the regulations, standard of this city, relations laws and ordinances, notice of country.

4 examination

About suggestion submitted to by participation applicant, we examine as follows, and, based on the examination result, 1 group decides administrative body city.

In addition, we may not decide administrative body when there is not applicant or when city judges in this business when all suggestion cannot achieve purpose of this business operation by result of examination.

(1) Examination method

Oh, primary examination (examination such as qualifications)

About conditions to prescribe in offer essential point, we examine by plan proposal.

i second examination (documents examination and interview)

For primary examination passage person, we carry out documents examination with plan proposal and interview (hearing) examination by open space business (Nishinasuno district) administration business consignment choice Committee Member (we say "choice Committee Member" as follows.) of Nasu-Shiobara-shis gathering from the next points of view.

  • Stability of business plan, conduct policy, thing about possibility.
  • Management philosophy, ability such as representatives, thing about aptitude.
  • Thing about contents of location, neighboring environment and place to stay.
  • As for conduct policy of business, fund, the administration, it is thing about each plan contents.
  • In addition, thing about matter admitting that choice Committee Member is necessary.

In the case of 1 group, cormorant participating applicant may omit the second examination.

(2) As a result of examination notifications

Notice of a examination result

We notify participation applicant of examination result by document every primary examination .2 next examination.

In addition, result of examination notifies the second examination of primary examination each by Friday, December 22, 2017 by Thursday, December 14, 2017.

Publication such as the general conditions of i application

About the general condition of application, summary of examination result, we announce appropriately on city homepage.

5 schedules


Time Contents

November 10

Open call for participants start (city HP)

November 22

Deadline for question
November 24 Answer to question
December 6 Deadline for participation application
December 11 Plan proposal presentation time limit
December 13 Primary examination (examination such as qualifications)
Until December 14 Notice of primary examination result
(during adjustment) The second examination (documents examination and interview)
Until December 22 Notice of second examination result (company decision)
The middle of January, 2018 Contract
2017 schedule

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