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Direct payment systems of intermediate and mountainous area

With direct payment systems of intermediate and mountainous area

In area "intermediate and mountainous area from edge to the mountains," it is in important agricultural production area occupying approximately 70% of the country area of our country, approximately 40% of management cultivated area area outside plains.

Intermediate and mountainous area is area having important function in agricultural production, maintenance of natural environments, securing of water source, prevention of flood, maintenance of good scenery, various aspects including maintenance of traditional culture, but farm productivity is low, and income of agriculture income, others is in a condition low together from condition that the cultivation is disadvantageous to. In addition, aging goes ahead through farm village area than national average, but aging moves intermediate and mountainous area in particular.

From such a background, intermediate and mountainous area issues grant in payment system directly for various places of person of agriculture that we promised that we continue being active for to protect agricultural production activity and multiple functions to have of intermediate and mountainous area more than five years in intermediate and mountainous area where agricultural production condition is disadvantageous.

The direct payment system approach situation of intermediate and mountainous area of Nasu-Shiobara-shi

The fourth measure begins in 2015 and, for five years until 2019, is active based on five village agreements.

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