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Update day: December 9, 2014

About conduct of farmland middle management business

"Law (the farmland middle management business promotion method) about promotion of farmland middle management business" and "law to revise a part of the farming base reinforcement promotion law (the base method) to promote restructure of agriculture" were established in the 185th extraordinary session of the Diet on December 5, 2013 and were promulgated on December 13, 2013.

By this, farmland possession rationalization business founded in 1970 by Agricultural Land Law revision became new system (farmland middle management business), and, with this, structure of hire of farmland was replaced with a new one.

And prefectural governors appointed fairness and corporation which could perform appropriately, and farmland middle management business was installed in the metropolis and districts one because farmland accumulation, the collection to leading figure who pushed forward efficiency of continuation and farming of utilization of farmland pushed forward making.

In addition, among "business such as farmland buying and selling becoming the core of farmland possession rationalization business," business to borrow places for agriculture, and to loan to leading figures is carried out as "farmland middle management business" placed as "the farmland middle management business promotion method" established newly.

With farmland middle management mechanism

Because accumulation, the collection for for agricultural use products from the earth plans making from farming family (soup stock hand) whom we want to lend the grounds for agriculture to leading figure (guard) pushing forward efficiency of utilization and farmings such as the ground for agriculture, it is middle saucers of for agricultural use places and organization where it is.

In Tochigi, Tochigi agriculture promotion public corporation receives designation of farmland middle management mechanism and carries out farmland middle management business.

Farmland middle management mechanism (Tochigi agriculture promotion public corporation) borrows farmland from soup stock hand farmhouse reducing management scale, and this business loans large amount of farmland to guard farmhouse where scale expansion and the collection hope for becoming.

Person who wants to borrow farmland from farmland middle management system

Person (guard) whom we want to borrow farmland from through farmland middle management mechanism, please apply for open call for participants of guard whom farmland middle management system carries out. In addition, periods of debt reputation are more than principle ten years.

For more details, please see homepage of Nasu-Shiobara-shi agriculture public corporation.

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