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Update day: May 31, 2016

About production center power-up business

As measure for TPP, production center power-up business is carried out.

It is business to support production center that this business becomes local bullet based on "production center power-up plan" that Nasu-Shiobara-shi agriculture reproduction meeting makes, and wrestles for earning capacity reinforcement.

Person who is targeted for support

Scholar of agriculture, agriculture group which are placed as "production center power-up plan" that Nasu-Shiobara-shi agriculture reproduction meeting makes

(meeting business operation requirements and scholar of agriculture, agriculture group where the achievement of result target is anticipated)

Support contents

Expenses to need in necessary material introduction at the time of necessary expense, switch at the time of expense, replanting that are necessary for expense to need in lease introduction of machine and apparatus which are necessary for approach to plan switch to the crops, cropping system that is high profit, facility maintenance. (not for update of existing facility, machine.)

Supporting rate

Less than a half facility maintenance agricultural machine lease introduction less than a half of body price

(there are limits such as the upper limits by business outline to work on)

(in the case of introduction, facility maintenance, agricultural machine is for operating cost 500,000 yen or more every machine.)

Result target

Setting with the goal of any of the following approach on carrying out business, and realization being anticipated

  1. Reduction of more than 10% of production cost or shudeka, processing cost
  2. Increase of more than 10% of amount of sale
  3. Assume increase of more than 10% of ratios and more than 50% of contract cultivation
  4. 100% of conversion factors from item, kind that demand decrease is anticipated to item, kind that demand is anticipated

It is necessary for business to achieve approach, result target that we set in degree as production center (district) in the year after next of business operation. In addition, it becomes unachieved when we can achieve aim of scholar of agriculture individual when we cannot be accomplished at the production center (district) whole.

Request reception desk

Scholar of agriculture to request business (or group) apply for city agricultural administration stock raising section or city agriculture reproduction meeting by Thursday, June 30, 2016.

  • Presentation documents production center power-up business request questionnaire
  • Catalogue, quotation (in the case of facility quotation, diagrammatical view) of attached documents introduction machine
  • On other requests, we may find additional document

Adoption of business depends on adoption standard of country. We may not be adopted even if we request.


Area of the production center requirements are established every wrestling crops.

  1. Rice 50 hectares
  2. Wheat 30 hectares
  3. Soybean 20 hectares
  4. Side 5 hectares
  5. Vegetables (bare ground vegetables 10 hectares, facility vegetables 5 hectares)
  6. Fruit tree 10 hectares
  7. Flower (bare ground flower 5 hectares, facility flower 3 hectares)

It varies according to the crops other than the above.

Please see homepage of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for more information about business. (related information link)

Reference about business

  • Nasu-Shiobara-shi industrial tourism department agricultural administration stock raising section (telephone) 0287-62-7147
  • Nasu-Shiobara-shi agriculture reproduction meeting (telephone) 0287-73-5015
  • Nasuno agricultural cooperative gardening section (telephone) 0287-62-5845 (when we begin each sectional meeting of agricultural cooperative)

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Position section room: Industrial tourism department agricultural administration stock raising section 

Phone number 0287-62-7147

Fax number: 0287-62-7223

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