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Update day: February 9, 2018

About report of having become landowner of the forest

When we acquire land of the forest targeted for forest plan local than April 1, 2012 or we succeed, regardless of big things and small things of area, presentation of landowner notification form of the forest is necessary within 90 days from cause day.

But we do not need presentation when we report country use plan law Article 23.

1.The target forest

  • Being the forest which area forest plan that Tochigi made is for. (we may become a target of report without depending on classification of land and category in the registration.)

(note), in the forest and level ground forest in the city, most are included in local forest plan, but there is the target outside partly, too. About the target forest, we can confirm in person in charge of agriculture and forestry Maintenance Division Tsutomu Hayashi or people in charge of each branch industrial tourism construction section agriculture and forestry.

2.Example that report is necessary for

  • When we buy and sell land of the forest
  • When we succeed to land of the forest
  • When there is donation of land of the forest
  • Cases that acquired land of the forest by merger of corporation newly

The above becomes an example.

Regardless of corporation, individual, presentation is necessary even if we do not register land when we acquire land of the forest targeted for local forest plan newly.

3.Presentation documents

I would like the following submission of documents by the acquisition of land of the forest or the inheritance within 90 days.

  • Landowner notification form of the forest
  • Drawing (please fill in any drawing with approximate position.) indicating the location of land
  • Documents which are found to have acquired entry certificate (possible even as for copying) of land or land sales contract, right including donation contract

4.Penal regulations

When we do not report land of the forest after the acquisition or we report falsehood, correctional fine that is less than 100,000 yen may be inflicted.

Corresponding file


Position section room: Industrial tourism department agriculture and forestry Maintenance Division 

Phone number 0287-62-7152

Fax number: 0287-62-7223

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