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Update day: February 13, 2018

0 points of Nasuno

"Nasuno 0 points" that 37 degrees N line and 140 degrees E line intersect is in Ichiaoki, Nasu-Shiobara.
There is 39 places of 0 points on land in Japan, and only three places are in the Kanto district. There was another one the other one in grove of miscellaneous trees of city Aoki grounds in rice field of Tsukubamirai-shi, Ibaraki (former Yawaramura) in the forest of the neighborhood of Ogano-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Chichibu 32nd label place, and zero point was confirmed using Global Positioning System (GPS).

Photograph of 0 points of Nasuno

Photograph of the forest of 0 points of Nasuno

Photograph of the tree strain

Photograph of cherry tree
0 points of Nasuno (spring state)

We erect leveling pole of "0 points of Nasuno" on August 21, 2005

  • The location: Aoki one ward grounds (private land)
  • Contact "0 points of Nasuno" maintenance executive committee
  • Chairperson: Small Susumu Kubo
  • Telephone: 0287-62-3908

Please see official homepage.

Nasuno 0 points official homepage (open with new window) (link to outside site)

Map of Nasu ground zero

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