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Update day: February 13, 2018

Marsh tsu original moor

Marsh tsu original moor (numapparashitsugen)

Marsh tsu original moor
Marsh tsu original moor (the average year beginning of July) of early summer

The location

〒325-0111  Itamuro, Nasushiobara-shi grounds

Map link

Link (open with new window) to marsh tsu original moor map site (link to outside site)


  • Car
    From Tohoku Expressway Nasu Interchange from approximately 24 kilometers (approximately 40 minutes), Kuroiso board room Interchange approximately 28 kilometers (approximately 50 minutes)
    Of the Nasu highland golf club front gate there is almost city street entrance to marsh tsu original parking lot in opposite side. (please see the following map link.)
    (note), in the case of the car navigation use, please set Nasu highland golf club (Phone: 0287-69-1007) as aim thing of city street entrance at destination.
    (note) can pass trailer bus, too, but attention is necessary for width or road-surface condition. Non-pavement section is in a part of the city street, too, but can usually run by car.
  • Train
    From Tohoku Main Line (Utsunomiya Line) JR Kuroiso Station approximately 28 kilometers (approximately 50 minutes)
    (note) periodical bus to marsh tsu original parking lot does not run. Taxi, rent-a-car are necessary.

Parking lot

To marsh tsu original moor parking lot, we can pass car (we include trailer bus). As for the parking rate, approximately 100 cars are usually stopped free.

The sidewalk

From parking lot to moor, we walk mountain path for approximately 15 minutes. Tree way goes around the moor, and it takes one lap of around 30 minutes.


There is public toilet in the parking lot north side (for man, woman, person with a physical disability). There is no restroom in moor. As for the period (from about the beginning of November to next year about the end of April), antifreeze in the winter season; save, and is closed down.
(note) use rainwater, and cannot drink water of restroom.


There is garden which marsh original adjustment reservoir and moor, west bocci mountain can look around in the west of parking lot. Break is possible in bench and arbor, too.

Map site link (open with new window) of position (the map center) of city street door following marsh tsu original parking lot (link to outside site)

Under marsh tsu original moor plant guidebook distribution

We sell marsh tsu original moor plant guidebook. How about enjoying nature of marsh tsu original moor to one hand by guidebook?

The details identify page of marsh tsu original moor plant guidebook

Nota bene

I would like the use in consideration for nature to follow splendid natural environments.

1.Let's stop collection of the animals and plants

One one animal, plant inhabiting moor makes ecosystem and keeps natural scenery. The act that we have caught casually is the environmental disruption.
(note) collection of designated plant is forbidden by law (natural park method Article 13 Clause 3 tenth). For more details, please see the following link (Ministry of the Environment).

2.Let's walk tree way, the sidewalk

We establish tree way and the sidewalk installed in moor to protect moor. Seed, bacteria of weed which attached to shoes invade when we set foot in moor and may affect the animals and plants inhabiting moor. We need long time to put back the affected animals and plants. For similar reason, please do not put tripod, stick of camera in the moor either.

3.Pet does not bring

As pets such as dogs affect the animals and plants from reason same as the above, and allergy to animal and animal are a nuisance to user whom they are hard for to deal with, let's stop bringing to of pet.

4.Mountain paths from parking lot to moor may be slippery

Because mountain paths from parking lot to moor are unpaved, you become very slippery after the rain and the rain, and please be careful as you might fall down. In addition, step becomes easy to become dirty as muddy water becomes easy to splash. When shoes (boots and mountain climbing shoes) which may become dirty are worn, it is very convenient.

5.There are no water to drink, vending machine near the moor

There is restroom, but cannot drink because we use rainwater. In addition, please prepare for drink beforehand as there are not convenience store and vending machine near.

6.Garbage is taken home with

There is no trash box near marsh tsu original moor. To protect beautiful moor; of take-out of garbage please cooperate.
In addition, please do not wash mountain climbing shoes in washstand of restroom. Mud cannot use in drainage pipe that is washstand.

7.When it is dusky, bear may appear frequently

Because it is mountain, Asiatic black bears inhabit. Asiatic black bear is coward animal unlike appearance. When it is dusky, we act, and sense of smell and hearing are superior mainly. Therefore there is habit to evade when we sense sounds that there is not in the natural world. In addition, we seem to hide ourselves when human being goes along near the bear so that bear is not found in human being.
(note) when come across point-blank range, bear may attack in wonder.
I would like measure such as talking in carrying, large voice of bell and radio.

8.City street to parking lot is closed in the winter season (from about the beginning of December to next year about the end of April)

City street to parking lot is closed for the snow.
(note) as change by the situation of the snow during closure period, please refer.

 In this year, it becomes just on April 27, 2018 from December 1, 2017.


 Some trees way is closed to traffic for construction until March 12, 2018 from November 1, 2017.

Marsh tsu original moor tree way suspension of traffic section

※Inquiry about construction
  Tochigi prefecture north environment forest office: 0287-23-6363

Please be careful about bear


  • We are careful in particular in early morning and the evening.
  • We avoid action in one.
  • We walk while making sound.

If it is to bear

  • We are separated from bear slowly calmly.
  • Do not turn back to bear, do not escape on the run.
  • We harden in group
  • We never approach small bear.

Please be careful about monkey

When you come across monkey, please be careful about next.

  1. We do not approach
    We are in danger of being attacked when it approaches. Particularly small child and woman, please be careful.
  2. We do not put eyes together
    We think that monkey was threatened when we stare at eyes and may attack.
  3. Big; do not speak
    We may be attacked to stimulate defense instinct of monkey.
  4. Do not give food, do not show
    Monkey settles down there when we learn that we get bait from person and becomes cause to cause various damage in the whole area. In addition, it will prevent you from putting thing becoming bait in places to see of the inside of car.

About marsh tsu original moor

Marsh tsu original moor is located to 1,230 meters above sea level of Nasu Mountains at the west end and is moor of sub-Takayama opening to approximately 250 meters of east and west, north and south approximately 500 meters. It becomes unexplored hot spring Sandogoya Onsen and south Gassan, starting point of a mountain climb to white Sasayama (shichausutake).

Approximately 230 kinds of plants are confirmed. We can enjoy main thing while going around tree way maintained in moor in spring skunk cabbage, Gentiana thunbergii, Malus Sieboldii, day lily, white hellebore of early summer, summer Iris ensata, akabanashimotsuke, Serratula coronata, ezorindo of early fall. Many hikers come at time when day lily coloring moor into yellow blooms and enjoy walk of marsh tsu Hara particularly from late June through mid-July.

In addition, amphibians such as black salamander, harpoon green frog live in Asiatic black bear, mammals, Latham's snipes such as Japanese monkeys, many birds such as cuckoos and waterside in this neighborhood. Insecta is seen from thing which is seen commonly on level ground to thing inhabiting mountainous district much and, in friends of butterfly which particularly many people are interested in, can see peacock butterfly with design such as feather of peacock or Asagi cod which large-scale, is beautiful to fly about light.

There is marsh tsu original adjustment reservoir made as upper pond for generation from 1969 by the south side of moor. In this way, moor became small, but consideration to natural environments is accomplished. In addition, this construction allowed traffic of car which trailer bus included to moor neighborhood.

"Way out of Aizu" going along this ground by investment of the Shogunate in 1695 (Genroku 8) is opened historically, and record that we were used for daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo four times remains. In addition, here was used as mendicant priest way of "plain hot water Yamashin command" to believe in origin of the western hillside of Nasudake. There is Ishibotoke in natural forest when we go to the 3 to hut accommodation area to the north on moor, but this is trace at the time.


About brochure of marsh tsu original moor, please read the next image.

State of marsh tsu original moor

Photograph of marsh tsu original parking lot (with gravel floor)
Marsh tsu original parking lot (with gravel floor)

Brown small building seen in the right depths of the image mentioned above is restroom. There is the sidewalk spreading out to moor in the left depths.

Going is photograph of descent
Going is outbound.

Return is photograph of the up
Return is upbound.

From parking lot to moor, we walk mountain path approximately 500 meters. Approximately 100 steps of stairs of one step of approximately 20 centimeters have last 100 meters. Please be careful about feet.

Day lily is influence by feeding damage of animals such as deer, and the number of flowers decreases. Please drop in (in July, 2011, trace of feeding damage was not found.) as still day lily blooms vigorously quietly.

In addition, approximately 230 kinds of sub-alpine plants and animals inhabit marsh tsu original moor. You have you go to visit a lot, and please enjoy encounter with many plants.

Photograph (beginning of July shooting) of day lily
Day lily (beginning of July shooting)

Rhododendron japonicum
Rhododendron japonicum (end of June shooting)

Photograph of beautiful mountain range to see from marsh tsu Hara
Beautiful mountain range to see from marsh tsu Hara

Photograph which expects adjustment reservoir from marsh tsu original parking lot
We expect adjustment reservoir from marsh tsu original parking lot

Photograph of leaves of grass putting on autumnal tints of marsh tsu Hara
Leaves of grass putting on autumnal tints of marsh tsu Hara

Photograph of skunk cabbage
Skunk cabbage (May shooting)

Photograph of Iris ensata
Iris ensata (July shooting)

Photograph of ezorindo
ezorindo (September shooting)

Photograph of snowman (middle of November shooting) of marsh tsu Harazono place
It snows before the closure in the winter season of city street and may be piled up.

Photograph of monkey of marsh tsu Hara
We may meet with monkey. (by mountain path to moor)


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