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Update day: August 23, 2018

Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center "kururu" (food court branch company decision!)

About facility summary

We push forward maintenance such as Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center, (tentative name) station square library in order to realize compact city, city function improvement, the sustainable making of city, center city area activation as around Kuroiso Station district city reproduction maintenance plan in city.

In the Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center, it is in facility of one-storied house which assumed "house of person and interchange to bring up meal" basic concept fitted with glass. In interchange center, we create local bustle through events that various lectures, civic gallery, public viewing, food and drink offer that utilized local ingredients in food court, hometown group hold.

Name Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center
Nickname kururu
The location 〒325-0056 6-32, Honcho, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi
Opening day After the end of March, 2019
Opening time From 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Closed day Every month second Tuesday and fourth Tuesday, the year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)
Plottage Approximately 3,820 square meters
Building area Approximately 1,133 square meters (steel-frame building 1 story above the ground)
Parking lot 18 facility front (going to maintain neighboring parking lots in city reproduction maintenance plans in future)

Multi-purpose room 1 (Japanese-style room), multi-purpose room 2 (workshop), gallery space (display wall), kitchen studio,

Music room, stage, kids area, indoor open space, outdoor open space, food court


Facility image

About Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center management administration policy 

We discussed with local groups to realize effective, effective management administration of Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center and devised following "Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center kanrieiuneihohari".

Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center management administration policy (PDF: 1,108KB)

(tentative name) Nickname in connection with station square library was decided

After inviting public participation in the whole country, about nickname of Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center and (tentative name) station square library, we had application of 376. As a result of fair examination, we were as follows about the highest award (adoption) and award for excellence. Thank you for your much application.

Receiving a prize


Full names

Receiving a prize reason

1 highest award (adoption)
  • Interchange center: kururu
  • Library: miruru

Yuika Ono (the city)

It is nickname got close to from all generations.

We suggest "milk" from "(see) to see" and "coming" (come), and it is thought that we are connected for business deployment of town development strategy "ART369 (milk) project" utilized fresh milk PR and art of this city.

2 awards for excellence
  • Interchange center: Pine plaza
  • Library: azalea library

Kazuhiro Ikenaga (the suburbs)

Because flower of city is English notation of "azalea" (palm), and azalea is not Japanese English and coined word, tree of city "pine" is easy to get close to pine for foreigner.

We can say that foreign tourists increase in this city in future when we take example when it is effective nickname.
3 awards for excellence
  • Interchange center: komii
  • Library: yomii

Kaoru Omori (the city)

It is nickname got close to from all generations.

"Crowded" (do well) is easy to get image of facility from "yomii" from "komii" saying "we read".
4 awards for excellence
  • Interchange center: Town aimlessly
  • Library: manaburari

髙kyumamiko (the city)

It is nickname got close to from all generations.

We have people walk central city area (aimlessly) by entering the end "aimlessly", and thought that we want to connect with activation reaches.

(note 1) When only receiving a prize nickname and one repeat to become open call for participants with set about nickname of interchange center and library this time, please note that it is not with receiving a prize.

(note 2) We contact prize winner individually.

Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center "kururu" food court branch company was decided

About Nasu-Shiobara-shi machinaka interchange center "kururu" food court branch company, it was decided as follows via open call for participants to the whole country, the last examination committee.



Branch summary (plan)

Kitchen 1 (for the public)

  • Company to have management experience of restaurant


  • 2-14-6, Oharamanishi, Nasushiobara-shi

Company name

  • The sum and time original tree state

Name of restaurant

  • Circle (circle)

Summary of restaurant

  • Menu offer that utilized product of local ingredients and local company
  • Menu constitution that we accepted in time
  • Lunch menu: Various low dining tables (product for class of product for product for tourists, office workers, housewives), takeout menu, cafe menu
  • Night menu: Various low dining tables, meal offer at meetings, competition for local sake drink, food served in a pot

Kitchen 2 (for challenge shop)

  • Company which there is not management experience of restaurant, and thinks about founding newly


  • SARAH in 1-2703-52, Honcho, Otawara-shi crest of three squares shop Otawara store

Company name

  • Japan medical state

Name of restaurant

  • SARAH CAFE (Sarah cafe)

Summary of restaurant

  • Cafe which provides herb tea mainly
  • We support healthy life with thing of nature
  • Menu offer using local vegetables, milk, egg: Original blend herb tea, herb cocktail, pizza, spiced tea tea, medicinal herb lunch, pasta, pound cake

 In wasteful city held in front of Kuroiso Station on Sunday, September 9, 2018, we carry out announcement party of food court branch company. As you sell some menus in each company, please come to eat in all of you by all means.

Wasteful city holding summary

  • Name: The eleventh "Kuroiso station square wasteful city"
  • The date and time: Sunday, September 9, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (traffic regulation: for from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
  • Place: Kuroiso Station main street (holding with vehicle-free promenade)
  • Contents: Event that featured the theme of environment, Eco. Events such as flea market, corrugated cardboard huge maze, local school school song announcement are varied.
  • Sponsorship: Kuroiso station square activation Committee (cooperation: Kuroiso station square Store Association)
  • Inquiry: 0287-74-3670 (kawatta my wife) 

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