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Update day: January 26, 2018

Shiobara Onsen visitor center

Place where Shiobara Onsen visitor center does not come to

Photograph of Shiobara Onsen visitor center

We work as explanation and guides such as nature, promenade of Shiobara.
In addition, through the year, we hold event such as fresh green walk, autumn colored leaves walk, natural observation society and winter snow shoes in spring.

The location

〒329-2921 Maeyama, Shiobara, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi national forest





Use time

From 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Closed day

Every Tuesday (in the case of holiday the next day), the beginning of the year end of the year (from December 29 to January 3)

Map link

Facility information

Hot spring corner

Other than movable topography model "hot spring diorama," we comment on mechanism of gush of Shiobara Onsen by various panels.

Wild bird corner

Many wild birds inhabit Shiobara, but introduce 20 kinds of the inside by bird carving and cry.

Animal, plant corner

Panel introduces representative animal and plant inhabiting Shiobara.

Information corner

We offer the latest information such as the highlight of present Shiobara, event, flower, colored leaves including festival.

Geological feature corner

We comment on geological feature of Shiobara said to be treasure house in geological feature in photograph and the real thing.

The history and culture corner

Many writers visit Shiobara for a long time and leave stone tablet, literature monument, and panel introduces them. In addition, we comment on the history of Shiobara by chronological table.

Pleasure of home life corner

Picture introduces nature, hot spring of the four seasons of Shiobara while having tatami mat stop.

Lecture room

Also, lecture about nature uses as place of natural learning by vocational school education as work room of various classrooms.

sei* corner

We introduce scholar "Yukiyasu Kiyosu (kiyosuyukiyasu) doctor" who paid more attention to life of bird for the first time.

Life corner

Shiobara can see various mites having habitation.

Kiosk corner

We display and sell ornaments using natural tree.



Position section room: Person in charge of sightseeing in Shiobara branch industrial tourism construction section business and industry

Phone number 0287-32-2914

Fax number: 0287-32-3886

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