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Update day: November 3, 2011

About agriculture committee, agriculture Committee Member

With agriculture committee

Agriculture committee is comprised led by representative of person of agriculture chosen by election that applied the Public Officers Election Act mutatis mutandis in administrative committee obliged to carry out setting based on "law about agriculture committees" in the municipalities.

Role of agriculture committee

  1. The appropriate execution of farmland administration
    About buying and selling, rental contract, conversion of farmland, we examine based on Agricultural Land Law justly as organization on behalf of scholar of agriculture.
  2. We promote restructure of local agriculture
    Vitality wrestles for the making of irregularity that there is through measure of "promotion of borrowing and loaning of farmland" for "support to scholar of authorized agriculture" for security, upbringing of leading figure of agriculture and utilization of farmland "activation of farm village".
  3. Public representative of local manager activity and scholar of agriculture
    We perform proposals as agriculture committee that manager that one agriculture Committee Member one is smooth at village is active and reflects voice of person of agriculture, village to administration, policy.

Role of agriculture Committee Member

  1. Agriculture Committee Member is representative of scholar of agriculture chosen by election that applied the Public Officers Election Act mutatis mutandis.
  2. Based on self-confidence and a sense of responsibility as representative of scholar of local agriculture, we perform activity to open up the prospects in the future of local agriculture.
  3. We try for collection, grasp such as farmland information that agriculture cannot miss and manage those information effectively and measure securing of excellent farmland of maintenance and use of farmland accumulation to leading figure, promotion of utilization of farmland.
  4. As public representative of scholar of agriculture, we take consideration into opinion request and trouble of scholar of agriculture while agriculture, farm village diversify, and it is smooth, and "local manager" accepting is active in these.


Position section room: Person in charge of Agricultural Committee Secretariat agricultural administration

Phone number 0287-62-7185

Fax number: 0287-62-7184

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