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Update day: June 8, 2017

Conversion of farmland

When we make farmland one except farmland, permission of Agricultural Land Law Article 4 or Article 5 is necessary.

  • Agricultural Land Law Article 4 permission: When owner of farmland converts by oneself
  • Agricultural Land Law Article 5 permission: When we acquire right in buying and selling, donation, rental contract and convert

Permission incarnation

  • Agriculture committee: Farmland conversion less than 4 hectares (40,000 square meters)
  • The governor: Farmland conversion (we discuss to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) more than 4 hectares (40,000 square meters)

Flow of office work

After having accepted application, the right or wrong of permission is discussed after field work by agriculture Committee Member in agriculture committee general meeting.

Agriculture committee is item becoming permission incarnation, but opinion inquiry to Tochigi agriculture meeting is held about validity of deliberation result. After having obtained answer, decision of permission disposal is made.

  • Application final day: Every month 5th (in the case of), 5th is duties day just before that on (Saturday, Sundays and holidays on holiday.)
    Defect of mention contents and attached documents cannot accept application with lack.
  • Field work: Two times of field works by agriculture Committee Member are carried out by the general meeting date from the application deadline.
  • Agriculture committee general meeting: Every month 25th (in the case of), 25th is duties day just after that on (Saturday, Sundays and holidays on holiday.)
  • Permission day: End of the same month (in the case of agriculture committee permission)
    On permission day, it is just indication. We may be late by circumstances.

As you provide the points of guidance of attached documents necessary for permission application and permission application for secretariat window, please use.

The details about farmland conversion system

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