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Update day: December 11, 2017

About prevention of freeze of water pipe

Let's protect water pipe from cold

When temperature is as follows -4 degrees, water pipe freezes up, and possibility to explode becomes higher very much.Thermometer

Outdoor faucet or faucet which we do not use very much require attention in particular.

When water supply equipment is damaged, not only we cause inconvenience for use of water supply of home, but also customer who is owner will bear repair expense.

(note) water supply equipment is generic names such as water pipe, stop cock, faucet drawn into family.









Cold protection measure in meter box

We put heat insulator in the meter box and can prevent freeze of meter and stop cock by preventing invasion of cold fresh air.Meter box

We can substitute even the following as heat insulator.

  1. Thing which we tore off Styrofoam to thumb size and filled plastic bag with
  2. Thing which rounded buffer material for packing to suitable size
  3. Absorbency is low, soft things with insulation characteristics




Cold protection measure of exposed water pipe

It is effective when we wrap outdoor water pipe and faucet with commercial heat insulator and freeze prevention obi.Heat insulator

(we handle heat insulator and freeze prevention obi made of Styrofoam in home centers.)








If we freeze up

If faucet freezes, you cover with towel, and please sprinkle tepid water from the top.Thawing method


There is the risk that faucet damages when we turn stopper forcibly in state that froze.










If water pipe is damaged

When faucet and water pipe explode, and water has gushed out, you close stop cock in meter box, and please stop flow of water.Stop cock

When water does not stop, please give emergency measure such as winding towel around damage point.)

Please ask "Nasu-Shiobara-shi Channel designation water supply equipment construction company" for repair.

The freeze prevention, please take measures to the situation of water pipe and faucet.

It is important to confirm position of water meter and stop cock beforehand.

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