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Update day: March 30, 2018

The old Aokis Nasu annex

It is building which Shuzo Aoki who acted as German minister or Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Meiji era built as Nasu annex.
We were appointed to country important cultural property in (1999) December in 1999.

The old Aokis Nasu annex

The old Aokis Nasu annex appearance


The old Aokis Nasu annex

The designation date

1999 (1999) December 21



Designated distinction

Country designation


Tangible cultural property



The location

27, Aoki



Map link

Opening time

[from summer April to September] It is 5:30 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.
[from winter season October to March] It is 4:30 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.

Closed day

[from May October] May 7, July 9, September 3
[from November April] From every Monday (the next day in the case of holiday) and December 29 to January 3

Viewing charges

[adult] 200 yen
[primary and secondary student] 100 yen

On "domestic day on third Sunday," admission charges of primary and secondary student become free every month.

When there is the presentation of notebook in one having certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook, mental patient health welfare notebook, admission charges become free.
(one companion becomes free to notebook about the first kind, one with the first grade mention)

Free opening of facility

We put together on day of citizen of the prefecture on June 15 and carry out free opening of facility.
As object becomes all visitors, please visit.
Free opening day Saturday, June 9, 2018, 10th Sunday, 15th Friday

Summary of the old Aokis Nasu annex

This building was built in (1888) as Nasu annex of Shuzo Aoki (blue Shuzo) (Yamaguchi native place, the German minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, viscount of the Meiji era) who established Aoki farm in 1888. It was only central 2-story part at first, but we enlarged a building in (1909) in 1909 and almost became current form. It was called Aoki's house, and it has been got close by local people.

Designer learns architecture in Germany and is Matsugasaki ten thousand long (tsumunaga) that designed 77 Bank Head Office or Taiwanese railroad hotel. This Aoki's house adopts how to structure of Germany style to axis group and roof truss with the only work of ten thousand length left in our country and is valuable modern architecture to have characteristic such as using slate of scale for outer wall.

In the Heisei early years, annex was donated to Tochigi. We dismantled from (2006) in prefecture in 1996 and investigated, and we moved to approximately 50 meters of southeast sides from original position in March, 10, and the reconstruction repaired. And road station came to be opened to the public as one facility of "forest Kuroiso of Meiji".

Hut back photograph

Hut back room where how to structure of German style was adopted (secrecy)

In adjacent field of flowers of the old Aokis Nasu annex, we can enjoy various flowers by season.

Aoki annex and field mustard (May, 2012 shooting)

Aoki annex and field mustard (May, 2012 shooting)

There is time when flower including the winter season does not bloom.

We participate in "genuine encounter Tochigi passport"!

The old Aokis Nasu annex (the forest Memorial of Tochigi Meiji) participates in "genuine encounter Tochigi passport" as "passport issuance facility", too.

For more details, please see next "genuine encounter Tochigi passport" official homepage.

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