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Update day: November 30, 2016

Use guide of site

We publish main function and reading environment of Nasu-Shiobara-shi homepage in this page.

We renewed on December 1, 2016 to make homepage one which it was easy to use in Nasu-Shiobara-shi.
Therefore there are change of site map and URL change of some pages. We apologize for having possibilities to put users under inconvenience.
When target page is not displayed, you reenter from the citizen top, or please use search.

About search in site

Information of page before renewal may be displayed by search results when we use search in site after the renewal, and exhibited page is not displayed now even if we open the page. In that case, we hope that we have you look for in the following procedure.

  • In the case of PC version, we look for from "site map" in the upper part of page or "menu" for citizens
  • When it is for smartphone, we look for from "site map" which taps "menu" in the upper part of page, and is displayed or "menu" for citizens

Role of page

We introduce role of page.

The general top

  1. We move to page of information for citizens when we click "product for citizens".
  2. We move to page of sightseeing related information when we click "product for people of sightseeing".
  3. We move to pages such as contract or bid to click "product for companies".
  4. We move to page to send charm of Nasu-Shiobara-shi to when we click "attractive discovery".

Top page (PC version) for citizens

The top for citizens

  1. Menu (global navigation)
    We can look for objective information from the field of 8 of "disaster prevention, crime prevention" "living, procedure" "child care, education" "health, welfare" "culture, sports" "town development" "work, industry" "municipal goverment information".
  2. By "relief, security," we publish emergency or information in conjunction with disaster prevention.
  3. "Search in site" can choose condition such as searching only PDF to the exclusion of PDF other than the whole site.
  4. News, latest information, application information
    We place the latest municipal goverment information.
    "News" publishes matter that we want to tell about for a certain period of time. "Latest information" places update information of homepage. "Application information" publishes matter needing various offers and application.
  5. Event information
    "Event information" publishes up-and-coming event and event held today.
  6. We look for from scene of living
    We place procedure that is necessary for life and associated information in the field of 8 in a mass "to look for from scene of living" to make it easy to look for.
  7. Information that is used well
    We publish link to eyes page used well in "information used well".


  • Various RSS functions
    We offer RSS including latest information.
  • Foreign Language
    We offer English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, automatic translation service of Spanish to homepage ( of Nasu-Shiobara-shi.
    For service by automatic translation, please confirm any questions at reference.

Reading environment

  • More than Internet Explorer10.0
  • Firefox latest version
  • Safari latest version
  • Google Chrome latest version


  • We use Google Analytics to grasp the use situation on Nasu-Shiobara-shi homepage.
    Google Analytics collects information of user using cookie. Explanation about Terms of Use of Google Analytics look at site of Google Analytics (we link to outside site).

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