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Search method

In Nasu-Shiobara-shi, we use Google Search for search in site.
Google provides search results, and Google Search may take time before update information of page is reflected by search results. In addition, please be careful as page that was already deleted may be displayed by list of search results.

Search tips

Basic search

We input keyword that we want to check and click search button. We search page including keyword.

[example] Nasushiobara

and search

We input some keywords that we want to check and click search button. We search page including all of keywords. It is not necessary to insert "and" between keywords.

[example] Nasushiobara hot spring

OR search

We insert OR of capital letter between keywords to search page including one of two keywords

[example] Nasushiobara OR hot spring

Distinction of small and capital letter

It is not distinguished small and capital letter of keyword by search.

[example] In "Nasushiobara" and "nasushiobara," the same search results are displayed.

The details of Google Search

Furthermore, as for the detailed search method, please see "basics of Google Search" of Google site from the following link.

Basics (open with new window) of Google Search (link to outside site)

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